Whether you are a man or a women facing circumstance of Hair loss in either gender is and can be a difficult process or challenge. Starting with the factor of the unknown reasoning behind losing your hair is a really scary thing ,there could be factors such as Genes for men in particular this causes male pattern Baldness, This can really take away all yourself confidence. There are hormones in the body that affect this along with medical conditions, autoimmune diseases, Pharmaceutical or other drugs or straight up burn or other physical injury. These are just a few of those causes, Hormones for instance such as testosterone called DHT affects the growth of hair, DHT binds the hair follicles and makes it impossible for the follicle to grow or survive. Autoimmune diseases are where the body attacks and damages its own tissue. drugs referred to such as blood pressure medications and chemotherapy are that, that influence hair loss and then physically damaging such as burns.

With so much to take into consideration its best you visit a specialized professional for hair loss Cape Town to assess the situation you personally face and discuss a best treatment options because as you can see there could be more to your hair loss than just the stress you facing or your genes. There could be an underlying problem of another kind that could be caught and dealt with, you, can visit a hair clinic for your hair loss cure and your killer confidence back

There will be different methods or procedures best suited for your cause of hair loss. Hair transplants are what most common for your hair restoration. Its best to deal with certified licensed professionals such as thos at the Hair front who will offer you the best Hair Transplant costs, They even offer you a payment plan for the procedure of hair transplant that you should undergo. There are different procedures including FUE permanent Hair restoration-latest technique minimal scaring and little discomfort this is time consuming as Follicles are individually taken out. PRP therapy which involves processing your own bloods growth factors and using it in the problematic hair loss areas. A Cell which is a recent redeveloped injection therapy for Hair loss. Mesotherapy which involves injecting vitamins minerals and co enzymes directly around the dermal papilla of hair follicles where hair roots need it most. Its very important you trust the certified specialist doing any of these procedures and there for must be sure that they are indeed licensed professionals

For more information, please visit www.thehairfront.com

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