Parents sometimes need to transition their baby from German baby formula or one type of formula to another. When the time comes, however, they are concerned about the potential affects that this will have on their baby Hipp organic infant milk. Most babies will need a slow adjustment to the new type of milk to lessen gas and changes in the stool. This is because a different formula will have different proteins, and your baby's digestive system need time to adapt. To wean you baby off of their current type of milk, you should follow this plan.

First of all, you will need to mix the two types of Holle goat baby formula  together. The first mixture should be 75% breast milk or the formula that you are currently feeding your child, and the other 25% should be the Lebenswert stage 1 that you are switching your baby over to. Give your child this ratio for two or three days. The next couple of days, you should switch the ratio of breast milk to 50% of your baby's current type of milk and 50% of the new type of Hipp combiotic uk stage 1. Again, you should do this for about two or three days. On the final two or three days, the ratio consist of 25% of the old type of milk and 75% of the new type of milk. After a week to a week and a half, your baby will be ready to drink the new type of formula Holle goat stage 1. At this point, your baby's digestive system will know how to break down the new formula.

By using these couple of steps, the chances and severity of loose stools, constipation, spit-up, and gas are significantly reduced because your baby's digestive system has had the opportunity to transition over to the new formula over a gradual period of time. If your Holle stage 2 formula is having difficulty transitioning using these steps, you can lengthen the time of any of these steps, or you can consider a different formula.

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